Supporting Yes vote messages, written on one of Australian houses, had led to homophobic attacks on the private property


While Australia’s postal voting on marriage equality is in progress, new reports of homophobic attacks keep appearing in press. Therefore, the house in Woolloongabba, Australia had several windows smashed by a man, who then yelled homophobic slurs.

To the point, Olivia Hall, 22, lives with her partner in Brisbone, Australia. Since a postal survey was launched in the country, young woman had been an active supporter of a “Yes vote”. She covered her house with rainbow flags and signs, which said “Vote Yes for Marriage Equality”, “Love Makes a Family” and “Equal Love” in solidarity with LGBTI people of Australia. On September 24, 2017 Olivia unexpectedly heard a man’s voice, yelling: “What the f**k is this shit?”. Then she heard a sound of a broken window. As a result, two women had their windows broken and a “Yes” sign ripped off the fence, but hopefully, nobody had been hurt.

Australia’s LGBTQ community was indignant with the incident and it didn’t take long for them to rally behind Hill and her housemate. James Breko of the DIY Rainbow movement set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the repairs to Hill’s house.

In just 25 minutes, they raised more than what was needed to repair the windows. The extra money will shout the girls a nice dinner and the rest will go to the Equality Campaign.


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