The Florida Keys and Key West will reopen to all the guests this Sunday


The Florida Keys and Key West that are good known for their LGBTI-friendliness were hit by Hurricane called Irma. It was on 10 September. More than 2 weeks passed since this region was hit by Hurricane and local governance decided to reopen to visitors. It is planned for 1st of October, so this Sunday. Visitor can get Florida Keys and Key West either by plain (airports in Miami and Fort Lauderdale) or by cruise ships (through the Port of Key West).

Representatives of the local government assure that it is already safe to travel to the Keys, so there is no need to worry or afraid. It should be said that all security measures are token, Bridges on the Florida Keys Overseas Highway have passed important inspections, almost all hotels are opened for the guests, other necessary repairs have been already made and all the immediate infrastructure repairs are completed. “We know we have a long way to go before the Keys fully recover, but because tourism is our top economic engine and many of our residents’ livelihoods depend on it, we also know that we need to ask visitors to return”, said George Neugent , County Mayor.


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