Indonesia accepts UN recommendations on protecting LGBT- citizens


Generally when you hear a story about LGBT-people in Indonesia, it’s shocking. But now, cheering news came from the Asian country. In a statement, the government of Indonesia declared that they would “take further steps to ensure a safe and enabling environment for all human rights defenders”, which comprise LGBT- activists, and to put attention on equality and non-discrimination.

Indonesia is doing this following its Universal Periodic Review from the United Nations. Its UPR was back in May, and the UN gave them 75 human rights’ recommendations. It was removing the death penalty, a review of blasphemy laws, and improving conditions for LGBT-people.

Robert Matheus Michale Tene, Indonesia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, publicly appears with the recommendations, saying that Indonesia’s constitution already has protected all Indonesians from violence.

He then said, that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people continued to be a disputable and polarizing issue.”

Yuli Rustinawati, the president of Indonesia’s leading LGBT-organization, Arus Pelangi, told that they are very happy Government of Indonesia accepted two recommendations regarded to LGBTI. They are waiting for their actualization during five years. But he also said that they very disappointed when the GOI said that LGBTI are a disputable and polarizing issue.


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