Pro-gay head up Same Love tops Australian charts after homophobic backlash


Love always wins!

Macklemore’s pro-gay sing Same Love, released in 2012 in the middle of the marriage equality debate in the US, took premier place on the Australian iTunes chart following efforts to precensor the artist.

The rapper is expected to perform the song at the National Rugby League final on Sunday, but he’s met with a backlash from some who think the song is too political to appear on the stage while the country is taking part in the voting on same-sex marriage.

Former NRL player Tony Wall announced the event will be “very difficult to watch” with his kids if Macklemore performs «Same Love». And former PM Tony Abbott wrote in Tweeter that sports fans “shouldn’t be exposed to a politicized grand final”.

A petition was even started to clamp down the rapper from execution the song. But their efforts seem to have had a hostile effect as the holds the top spot on the Australian iTunes singles chart.


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