Legalizing same-sex marriage could provide a massive boost in Australia’s tourism industry


As Australian non-binding postal vote for marriage equality is nearly coming to its end and will be concluded on November 7, 2017, new independent surveys show that most of the citizens have voted “Yes” for the equality of human rights. Therefore, legalization of same-sex marriage opens new perspectives and economic benefits to the country. First of them is a new level of tourism industry’s development across the largest country in Oceania.

A spokesperson of the Queensland Department of Tourism admitted: “We could see increased spending relating to honeymoon expenditure, including travel and accommodation, wedding planning, increased catering services and out-of-state wedding guests”. Also, economists from ANZ had looked into the economics of same-sex marriage and made a conclusion that the benefits to the economy in the first year of same-sex marriage legislation might reach the number of over $1 billion. According to the independent poll 46,000 Australian gay couples are being in relationships. If only a half of them would tie the knot, State Government’s revenue from same-sex marriage license fees might bring a significant contribution to the budget of Australia. Thus, the world is waiting for the results of the postal vote to see whether such an economic boost in Australia is going to happen.


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