Drag Race winner Violet Chachki ‘dragged’ out of Paris sex club for being ‘too femme’


Violet Chachki, winner of the Drag Race, was thrown out of one popular gay club in Paris called Le Dépôt. Security of this club explained it just that she looked too femme. Violet became confused and angry at the same time. She remembered her feelings at that moment saying that she was just physically dragged out of the club and after that she felt herself shocked and disgusted. “Fuck the French”, – posted she in her Twitter. Chachki was in Paris for Fashion Week and she just decided to relax in Le Dépôt in the evening. Immediately after this situation with Chachki the club’s rating on Facebook took a hit. More than 3,000 people left the club after these scathing reviews. However, now club responded to Chacki’s claims with a length Facebook post of their own. According to this post Chachcki was accused of unacceptable and inappropriate behavior and of posting on her Instagram videos of the Cruising Sex space of the club. Chachcki showed also an intolerable aggressiveness towards the club security. Le Dépôt relays all campaigns against LGBT discrimination and ensures never being the subject of such a defamatory campaign like this and will initiate legal proceedings if it will be necessary. In the following post on Facebook club administration called every follower share this article for restoring the truth.


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