Gay and bi-men want to donate blood to help Vegas victims, but they can’t


It is a deplorable dunning that gay and bisexual men aren’t equal. On Sunday night at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, a gunman shot at the country festival crowd from a hotel room, killing 59 people and injuring around 527 citizens.

Las Vegas police found out the dead gunman in his hotel room, including rounds of ammunition and a huge hoard of weaponry. The FBI said the gunman wasn’t involved in any terrorist organizations, but though this was an act of terrorism. This is one of the deadly occurrences in modern US history. And many call once again for gun control laws.
After the firing, there are hundreds people that need emergency medical care.

Steve Sisolak, a current candidate for Governor of Las Vegas tweeted about asking for people to donate blood. However, in spite of their urge for blood donations, gay and bisexual men are still being allowed from donating blood as a result of old legislation, for fear of being contaminated by HIV or syphilis.

At the height of this tragedy, it seems even more absurd that homosexual people can’t donate blood. According to the current United States laws, “If you’re a man who has sex with men (MSM), you cannot donate blood unless you’ve abstained from sex for at least 12 months“.

“All US blood collection organizations must keep this federal requirement,” announced the American Red Cross in line with the LGBTQ guidelines section.


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