The US voted against a UN ban on the gay death penalty


There are still six countries in the world where is death penalty up to date. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan and Yemen have the death penalty in place for LGBT- people nationwide, just as certain regions of Somalia and Nigeria use it against homosexual people. The resolution asked countries that haven’t yet annuled the death penalty that it is not “applied arbitrarily or in a discriminatory manner”.

In all 27 countries yeasaid to the resolution. However, 13 countries voted against it and one nation particularly is a big surprise . This is United States.

This resolution doesn’t appeal for the end of the death penalty, but urges countries to have limitations on who it should appeal. This means not adress it on people below 18, people with psychiatric problems, and pregnant women.

Bangladesh, Botswana, China, Burundi, Egypt, India, Ethiopia, Iraq, Qatar, Japan, The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and the United States were the 13 countries who voted against the resolution. Russia was not able to vote.

The United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Ghana and South Africa were among the 27 countries voted in favour of the resolution.


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