57 people now arrested in Egypt over support of gay rights and police show no sign of stopping


According to the latest news 57 people were arrested in Egypt by the local police. They just stayed on the streets for supporting LGBT rights and it seemed that they will not stop doing it. During the Mashrou’ Leila concert was held in Cairo rainbow flags were raised. LGBTI people were after that under suspicion and the local police began hunting rainbow people. Nine persons received different prison sentences from 1 to six 6 years. Over thirty people were facing trial; some of them have been detained for the period of 15 days. The destiny of the other 11 people is unknown till today. Some people who were arrested hadn’t even any connection to LGBT community. “I don’t know even anyone from this community personally”, – told one of prisoners. Band Mashrou’ Leila, which has a gay frontman, judged the crackdown on the community. The members of this band are too sad about such kind of tyranny towards rainbow community. Singers of the band called for ‘an internationalist solidarity movement bent on pressuring the local regime to halt its ongoing witch-hunt and release all victims.’ Some unions and local organizations called also for stopping such actions against LGBT. Egyptian media was also blamed for inciting hate speech and violating rights of humanity.


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