Passengers jump from London train onto tracks complimented by man „reading homophobic Bible verses”


“He caused such panic that some people have forced open the doors…” A train heading into London Waterloo station yesterday was evacuated after passengers exercised about a man reciting homophobic bible verses in a transport.

The South Western Railway service from Shepperton to Waterloo was disdurbed after the preacher read text that claimed men who lie with men should be put to death. Guides were upset by the man’s anti-gay statement and opened an emergency door while the train was stopped by a signal. Some passengers feared for their safety so much that they even jumped onto the tracks. “Some guy tried to tell him to stop it as he was making afraid to people and causing a crush.”

According to some passengers the man had a large backpack; some passengers mistaken believed he ramped about a terror. But police searched the train and found nothing suspicious. “Passengers had evacuated themselves from the train onto the tracks. “British Transport Police are following through a line of inquiry and there were no injuries to passengers or staff.”


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