Gay refugees in Chechnya


It’s very dangerous to be a gay in Chechnya. You don’t have any support and freedom from society. It’s a cruel attitude to LGBT people. Gay men who have fled the gay purge in Chechnya have expressed fears that they may be kidnapped and taken back there to face imprisonment, torture or death. Reports that “concentration camps” for gay people in the Russian region first emerged in April of this year, with claims that men had been tortured and murdered there.

Some gay men successfully fled the country, with Canada, France Germany and the Netherlands accepting refugees from the region. Those who have fled not only fear retribution taken on their families still in Chechnya, but even the prospect of being forced to return against their will.

There is a question, “ What is happening with gay people in Chechnya?” One gay man, Bula, who had been abducted and tortured in the Chechen capital Grozny, told Human Rights Watch of his concerns. Bula and fellow Chechen refugee Zelim are currently living in a Western European country. They explained that they had been abducted, tortured and blackmailed in Grozny.


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