Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw will play lovers in a new BBC drama – A Very English Scandal


BBC One channel made an announcement of releasing a new TV miniseries, based on a true story. The scenario to the three-part TV drama was written by Russell T Davies and was predicated on a John Preston’s novel with the same name – A Very English Scandal.

The storyline has been inspired by a real-life incident, which happened in England in the 1970s. Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe’s desperate attempts to keep his relationship with model Norman Scott a secret has led him to hire an assassin to kill his ex-lover. At that time, homosexuality in England and Wales has been only partially decriminalized, so same-gender sexual activity was still illegal. As MP and Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe edged closer to government, his former lover Norman Scott threatened to go public with the details of their relationship in the 1960s. Therefore, Thorpe’s political career was jeopardized. Politician failed in his attempts to buy Scott’s silence, and eventually decided to hire a hitman to kill Scott. Jeremy Thorpe has been trialed and eventually acquitted, but the incident ended his political career. A Very English Scandal chronicles Thorpe’s early, secretive love life and his subsequent public exposure. The drama also details politician’s trial and eventual acquittal.

When new images from the series’ production had been released on recent day, it became evident that a Hollywood star Hugh Grant was set to play Jeremy Thorpe and his colleague, an English actor Ben Wishaw will be playing Norman Scott. Also starring in the miniseries are Alex Jennings, Patricia Hodge, Monica Dolan, Adrian Scarborough, Jason Watkins, Eve Myles, Michele Dotrice and Blake Harrison. A cinematic release of the brand new drama is scheduled for the first part of 2018.


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