Transgender man has won a significant victory for his rights in the Botswana’s High Court


Botswana is still among the countries, where homosexuality remains illegal. Besides, this African country was one of 13 at the United Nations, who had recently voted against banning the death penalty for gay people. Transgender people also face discrimination in Botswana by having no legitimate grounds to register their true gender in documents. One of such cases had been issued to the Botswana High Court and the trial lasted a scandalous 10 years. And after a 10-year legal battle in country’s supreme court a trans man in Botswana will now be legally recognized as a male. A historical ruling of Botswana’s High Court has forced the government to change the gender marker on a man’s identity card from female to male. As it has been underlined in the landmark judgment, “the government had violated the plaintiff’s rights to dignity, privacy, freedom of expression and equality and contravened the man’s right to freedom from discrimination and inhumane and degrading treatment.”

This victory has been significant not only for the concrete trans man, but for all transgender community of Botswana. Now each transgender Botswanan has a shining example of a strong will’s victory and a beaten path to follow. Another case over transgender rights in the country will be heard just in December 2017, brought by Botswanan trans woman Tshepo Ricki Kgositau.


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