A man was jailed in Dubai for touching man’s hip


What a misfortune situation can happen to you in another country. You can’t predict everything in your life, but with a help of nearest people it’s easier to fight with your problems. The parents of a man who faces jail in Dubai have spoken of their worry for him as he is trapped in the UAE. The Brit, Jamie Harron, says he briefly touched a man in order to avoid spilling a drink on him.

Harron, 27 was later arrested for public indecency after the incident at the Rock Bottom Bar. He also faces a second charge relating to the drinking of alcohol. His parents, Graham and Patricia have said they are breaking down with worry over their son who has been stuck in Dubai for months. He went on to say that they are worried about the outcome of hearings in the case. Graham also added that they have been told that Jamie is likely to be taken into custody. He also criticised the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, saying it does not offer enough support for these kinds of situations.

The Stirling resident’s legal team have said he has been stuck in the UAE since July because his passport was confiscated by authorities when he was arrested. His lawyers say he held out his hand in front of him whilst walking through the busy bar to avoid spilling his drink. That was when he “touched a man on his hip to avoid impact” say his legal team. The man who he touched was then said to have become annoyed. Around half an hour later, Harron was arrested by police but says he was jailed not knowing what charge he faced. After being jailed in Al Barsha prison for five days, Harron has been released on bail.

But he says being unable to leave the country has seen him forced to spend £32,000 on legal fees and living expenses. According to Stirling, Harron is under “immense pressure and stress”. Since being arrested, he has been sacked from his job in Afghanistan. According to other reports, a hearing was held in private on Sunday. The Home Office says it has been in touch with Harron and that it is “providing consular assistance”. Authorities can arrest in Dubai if a suspect has alcohol in their system even if they drink at licenced bars.


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