Jackie Chan’s illegitimate daughter came out as lesbian


Jackie Chan has been happily married with a former Taiwanese actress Joan Lin since 1982. In a year the couple became parents of a son Jaycee. Jaycee Chan was a famous start-up Hong Kong singer and actor until in August 2014 he had been arrested by Beijing police due to drug possession. After serving six month in jail Jaycee was released and now he has been living with his mother in Taipei. But as it is known in a world-wide audience, Jackie Chan has been a father not only to a boy, but also to a girl. In 1998 a famous Hong Kong martial artist and actor had an extra-marital affair with a former Hong Kong beauty queen Elaine Ng. As a result, she bore a daughter Etta in January 1999, stating Jackie to be a father to the child. For his part, Chan admitted he had “only committed a fault that many men in the world commit” and didn’t officially recognize a baby.

Recently, Jackie Chan’s illegitimate daughter Etta Ng took to Instagram to tell the world that she is gay, posing in front of a rainbow coloured background. A teenage girl wrote: “In case no one got the memo, I’m gay.” Etta, who reported her mother to police over a domestic disagreement last year, is thought to be living with social media influencer Andi Autumn, 30, a Canadian based in Hong Kong. Chinese LGBTQ community had already expressed their support for Etta’s coming out, although reaction of her biological father to the news remains still unknown.


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