Anti-gay far-right party will enter Germany’s parliament for the first time in half a century


Alternative für Deutschland, which is staunchly opposed to same-sex marriage and adoption, has become the third largest party in Germany just four years into its existence. Angela Merkel will stay as a Chancellor . She rose a question of same-sex marriages being legally recognized in the country even though she voted against it herself. Her Christian Democratic Union party won 217 seats, more than any other, though it was the party’s worst result since World War II. The AfD picked up 13.3 percent of the vote in Sunday’s election, which will earn it 88 seats in the Bundestag. AfD, which rose to popularity on the back of its extreme anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant views, was led into the election by openly lesbian politician Alice Weidel who sees nothing controversial in being a lesbian mom and a leader of the party with homophobic policy. To her work is work and private life is private life. Ms Weidel is far from an LGBT activist, declaring that “political correctness belongs on the rubbish heap of history.”
Alexander Gauland, the AfD’s top candidate, told those at the party’s headquarters in Berlin: “This is a great day for our party political history. We are entering the Bundestag for the first time and we will change this country,” he added, according to the Guardian.


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