Ellen Page tattooed the name of her idol on her arm


Ellen Page has revealed that she has Ghostbusters star Kristen Wiig’s name terminally fixed on her body as a tattoo. Ellen joked that she did not know Kristen personally but admired her acting talent so she thought it would be nice to celebrate it that way. In fact Kristen is her friend and Ellen had to get a permission fromm her for the tattoo. She was blessed for it. Hearing that Conan joked: “Good, I think that’s better than if you didn’t know her at all.” Page and Wiig appeared together in 2009 roller derby comedy Whip It, while Wiig also appeared in episodes of Saturday Night Live hosted by the film star. Page added that she has 8 tattoos but some of them are tiny and hard to notice. The tattoos< were homemade however the queer actress bothered a lot for them to be safe.


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