Headteacher came under fire for trying to make a school more gender-neutral


A headteacher has faced backlash after she said that she made a conscious effort referring to the pupils using gender-neutral language. Sally Anne Huang is a head teacher at James Allen’s Girls School, an esteemed private school in Dulwich, south-east London. Over the weekend, Huang appeared on the front page of the Times in an article titled “my girls are not girls”.
The headteacher underlined that the school welcomes trans students and wants to let them know that their identity could be explored there, so it is better to avoid the word ‘girls’, but it is not banned or forbidden, she insists. Transphobes on Twitter accused the Oxford graduate of “messing with girls’ minds”. One person wrote: “What next: renaming James Allen’s Girls’ School, as James Allen’s Pupils’ School?” “The Head of James Allen’s “You’re not Girls” School is an idiot & anyway it’s not a “leading” school – except in the idiocy of the Head,” another said. A third added: “How the hell did we let it get like this?”


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