Kanye West will appear in a new South Park video game as a gay fish


Kanye West plays a gay fish in the new South Park video game, The Fractured But Whole. The joke calling Kanye a gay fish in 2009 inspired the game creators. Now, the Kanye spoof is front and centre in the trailer for the game, which is also laughing at the game of his own. The trailer, which seems to have very little to do with the actual South Park game, shows Kanye trying to help his mom to get to heaven. A rainbow-farting unicorn carries the pair the pearly gates in the trailer which is cut short as Kanye’s fish mom passes through the pearly gates while swearing obscenely in true South Park fashion.This part of the trailer is a direct spoof of Kanye’s game Only One as his mother, Donda, flies through heaven’s gates in the trailer. West previously commented on the depiction of himself in South Park and insisted that being painted as an egomaniac hurt his feelings.In 2013, the show revived the character in an episode in which he was called a “recovering gay fish”. The new trailer from South Park has split opinions as some feel the trailer is grotesquely offensive whilst others find it “hilarious”.


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