Lesbian Barbies campaigning for equality


A doll artist in Australia Betty Strachan-Otter has created a same-sex Barbie family asking Australian people to show their support to sam-sex marriages being legalized in the country. The dolls are already on sell and it has been admitted they are pretty realistic. The artist, who sells her dolls as part of her business All The Little Dolls, promoting the idea of dolls being closer to reality. Talking to Daily Mail, Strachan-Otter explained that she has now created the lesbian mothers and their three children to help normalise the portrayal of same-sex couples and families and to give the positive affirmations to those who need it. “Personally, I’m saddened that there even needs to be a debate on same-sex marriage. Nobody worries about who you love when you’re in a committed straight relationship so why should same-sex couples need to be treated any differently?” the artist said. Her online followers accepted lesbian Barbie family with a great excitement.


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