Strictly come dancing star says there is no need in same-sex couples. “It is not a dating show” he claimed

James Jordan attending the launch of Strictly Come Dancing 2012, at BBC TV Centre in west London.

Former Strictly star James Jordan has insisted that there is no need to step away from the traditional opposite-sex dancing couples format. “No, there definitely shouldn’t be same-sex couples on ‘Strictly’. Ballroom and Latin dance is about masculinity and femininity. It’s not about sexual orientation. It’s not a dating show,” he insisted adding that a gay man dancing with a woman or a lesbian woman dancing with a man are not changing their sexuality and nobody forces them to be sexually attracted to their dance partners. “My dance idol growing up was as camp as a butcher’s hook. He was totally gay. But he was the most masculine dancer you could ever meet. Why would a man want to dance with a man?” Jordan concluded. TV host Paul O’Grady previously said he couldn’t see the change happening “in a million years”. He said: “I wonder if it wouldn’t happen on the BBC. The BBC are doing this huge series celebrating gay culture, but I can’t see 7 O’Clock on BBC One, on Strictly, two couples of the same sex doing the pasodoble across the dance floor. I could never see that happen in a million years.”


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