The Australian Defence Force has accepted a non-binary person for the first time in history


The Australian Defence Force Academy has applied a cadet that identifies as non-binary. The recruit, who does not identify as male or female, has been moved from female housing to mixed housing, according to The Australian and the staff was trained to use gender-neutral terms and pronouns while addressing them. Guidelines set up in 2013 have allowed the cadet to identify as ‘gender X’ instead of male or female. “People who fall into this ­category may use a variety of terms to self-identify,” the guidelines state adding that gender is not necessarily corresponded with biological sex, it is a personal identity depending on the way a person feels and self-identifies. In 2013, the Sex Discrimination Act was amended to introduce new protections. It now recognises that individuals may identify as a gender other than the sex they were assigned at birth. Retired Major General Jim Molan, prior Chief of Operations in Iraq, told The Australian that “if any gender can do a job, they should be welcomed.”.


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