Drag star Willam Belli appears to be transphobic


RuPaul’s Drag Race star Willam Belli shocked his fans during the online show where he made some abusive comments about transgender people. During one segment on the Fullscreen show, Willam and fellow drag queen Courtney Act answered questions from the audience, giving people advice and support they needed. The show usually involves light-hearted jokes, petty scats, and shallow comments about their viewers’ appearances, but when it came to trans community Belli seemed to have gone too far. It was sparked by an email from a female viewer who has asked for advice about getting out with a trans guy as she was a little bit confused by that fact that he still had female anatomy. “just because you cut your titties off and take testosterone, that doesn’t change your chromosomes,” Willam commented referring to the murder of Brandon Teena, a trans man who was brutally raped and murdered in Nebraska in 1993, whose real-life story was told in the 1999 movie ‘Boys Don’t Cry’: “He bamboozled the girl… he was trans but he could have told them.” Coming back to the woman’s massage he said: “Here’s the thing, he’s not your boyfriend if he’s not a boy and he’s not f**king you… just because someone says they’re a boy, doesn’t make them a boy”.


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