Ellen Page talked about a homophobic joke in the film that made her famous


The queer actress gained popularity as she played a pregnant teen in the drama Juno. And of course, she likes this film a lot, however there was one controversial moment in it which Ellen now regrets about. When Mark suggests the baby name Madison, Juno responds: “Madison? Isn’t that kind of…I don’t know, gay?” Page admitted: “It wasn’t something I totally registered at the time, but, of course, now that I’m older I do. So many movies I loved as a kid are just rampant with homophobia and transphobia and biphobia, and I’m not excusing it by any means.” Now the actress refuses to read the line as the film is scripted. And Ellen does not believe Hollywood has changed since then, although Hollywood bosses like to think so and to speculate on it. Page, who fronted LGBT documentary series Gaycation, also called out journalists for always asking her about her identity rather than her job. I made Gaycation. I engage with that because I want to talk about social justice. I guess because I have come out and I want to develop projects that have queer characters and storylines, people [believe] I want to make that because I’m queer. But with heterosexual actors, there’s not some big conversation about all the straight things that they’re making.”


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