International sportsman arrested for the public brawl claims he was defending gays


An England cricketer who has been arrested after an alleged brawl trying to protect 2 gay men. Ben Stokes, 26, was taken in by police in the early hours of Monday morning after the incident, and will not be considered for selection for England until further notice. But according to Piers Morgan, Stokes was responding to homophobic taunts thrown by two men at two others and he just could not stay aside. The chat show host, who is friends with several high-profile cricket players, has reported that Stokes intervened to help two gay guys who were being abused by yobs, one of whom was armed with a bottle. Stokes has told friends he was incensed by the homophobic taunts, then saw the bottle being raised & decided to defend himself.” Morgan went on adding the sportsman probably regrets of what he’s done.


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