Lesbian rapper Honey G marks down prices for her concert tickets


The X factor star who came out as a lesbian in spring and who refused to take part in Celebrity Big Brother to focus on her music instead is now making prices for the concert tickets twice lower. The money-saving voucher site has teamed up with Honey G to help her sell VIP Meet and Greets to her gigs at half price. Tickets were originally priced as £10, but have since been slashed to just £4.50. voucher claims the exclusive four quid tickets are aimed for the biggest fans of the rapper.

Coming out in spring she revealed that she was not afraid to speak about being a lesbian because the right time came and she does not bother about facing homophobia or something like that. “At my very first audition, Simon asked me if I had a boyfriend. I said no and that I was single. I wasn’t really ready at that point to announce my sexuality to the world. Being new to the music industry, and being on The X Factor, I think I was just a bit shy and a bit guarded. I was a bit worried about what people would think as well. I was just a bit worried about people maybe being homophobic. I wasn’t ready to come out to the public at that point,” Honey G revealed


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