Secret Hawaii wedding of Milo Yiannopoulos


The right-wing gay transphobic Internet troll seems to have tied the knot with an unknown man last week. The 32-year-old right-winger posted a string of photos of a special ceremony in Hualalai, Hawaii. His groom’s face is hidden. One post, taken from behind, showed the man wearing a jacket which read “Blind for love”. Another post shows a table card with the name ‘John’ written on it. Although, we all know Milo and we realize that it may be a joke. Especially considering that fact that his marital status on Facebook still reads ‘in relationships’, not ‘married’. Instagram posts about the alleged special day have been liked tens of thousands of times. Yiannopoulos has previously said of his love life: “I like black guys for my love life, straight white males as employees, and girls as drinking buddies,” adding that the only white man he would like to see in his bedroom is Donald Trump. Well, it is rather unlikely for the POTUS to agree.


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