Aussie grandma fights for her granddaughter’s right to marry


An Australian grandma named Jean features in an adorable new video explaining why she is voting ‘yes’ in the postal vote. “My youngest granddaughter has grown into a very loyal, very kind, loving girl, and I’m so proud of her,” the supportive granny said, adding that the only thing she wishes to her grandchildren (all of them, either gay or straight) is to be settled and happy. Jean is shown loading her wheelchair into the car as she her beloved lesbian grandchild and Gabby head to the postbox, ready to cast their postal votes for equality. On the way, she explains: “We’re going to post a letter! A very important letter! Everybody vote Yes, Yes, Y-E-S! I don’t know what more I can do to help them, only to talk to people.” The positive clip has gone down well online, countering the negative ‘No’ campaign. People sent a lot of love to Gabby and nanna Jean saying that it is a false stereotype that elderly people don’t understand that love is love. Our grannies and grandpas can also be pro-equality. .


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