Conservative politician says teachers are not trying hard enough to tackle bullying


A Conservative politician in Wales has called on teachers to do more to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students from being bullied for their sexuality and gender identity at school. Mohammad Asghar, the Welsh Conservative Party Assembly Member for the South Wales East, made the comments in the National Assembly focusing on anti-LGBT discrimination in the schools of Wales. Stonewall Cymru said that 54 per cent of young LGBT people face bullying in schools. That figure rose to a massive 73 per cent for trans children, while 41 per cent of young trans people in Wales tried to commit suicide. Many of them have never told anyone about being bullied. Mr Ashgar noted that only a quarter of teachers had intervened when seeing bullying of LGBT people, the South Wales Argus reports. He added that this low figure was “very concerning and disturbing” and called on education secretary Kirsty Williams to do something to tackle this problem: “Stonewall Cymru is calling for all school staff to be trained in tackling anti-LGBT bullying and for Estyn to play an active role in ensuring that schools create a safe environment for LGBT pupils,” he said.


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