Education trustee candidate in Canada thinks LGBT people are to blame for terrorism


Concern and anger has been sparked as a candidate for the public office of school board trustee in Calgary wrote on Facebook that terrorist attacks happened because of LGBT people. Karyn Draper made the post after five people, including a police officer, were injured in Alberta last week. Justin Trudeau called it a “terrorist attack,” and links have reportedly been found between the attacker and extremist Islam. Draper released a statement, saying her post was in response to the criticism she has received for her opposition to Gay-Straight-Alliances in schools, and SOGI123, an initiate that is intended to support LGBT students, but what she said on Facebook was different. “Almost every LGBT member I’ve met has been counter protesting our events against m103, the open borders, and against Islamic terrorism. Calling me a [sic] rascist.” She added that “the lgbt in the area are also members of antifa the masked domestic terrorist group.” She said the LGBT community was “the group that blames all of society every day for all their problems and mental issues,” and that they could “dish it out but can’t take it.”


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