FA boss Greg Clarke wanted to meet gay footballers but received no answer


Football Association (FA) boss Greg Clarke was left disappointed as he receives no reply on the request to meet gay players. Clarke had hoped there would be at least one player willing to speak, in a bid to learn how to help football stars in the closet, however failed to reach the expected result. “I understand the retinence. I went to the women’s cup final. It was great. There was gay, there was straight, there were kids, it was relaxed. It was like a big wedding reception. I had a great time. There was no judgement in the room. Everyone was there because they wanted to see the game. I’ve met a lot of gay activists, gay publishers. I went down to Stonewall, watched a game, had a beer in the bar afterwards – and talked about the issue. At the semi-pro level and below, nobody’s worried. I haven’t met one player at professional level who would even agree to meet me in the middle of nowhere for a conversation over a cup of coffee. Not one. I don’t blame them for that. If they don’t feel comfortable having that conversation, it doesn’t say good things about our game”


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