Homophobes wished the kids of LGBT-supportive mom to have AIDS


An Australian mother who put up a rainbow flag to show her support for equal marriage has become a target for hateful letters from homophobes. Mother-of-two Bec Spiteri, of Melbourne, had decided to show her support for equal marriage by flying a rainbow flag from her home and found an anonymous hateful note almost immediately. The letter, targeting her and her kids,
read: “YOU FERAL SCUM PUSHING DISEASE ON OUR CHILDREN OF THE FUTURE ALBION SCUM. ILL [sic] GIVE U A YES SAME SEX SCUM I KNOW YOUR HOUSE I HOPE YOUR KIDS GET AIDS AND BASHED”. The woman told The Mail: “This is absolutely a legitimate attack on me, a straight ally, who happens to be flying some rainbow flags. I have no issue with people having an opposing opinion to mine. As long as they express that view respectfully. This is not respectful. This is a threat. And I will not tolerate my children being threatened.” She is not going to leave it this way and she has already contacted the police


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