Matt Lucas left speechless meeting his childhood idol on live TV


Matt Lucas finally met his childhood hero, Duncan Goodhew, while appearing on The One Show. where he was discussing his autobiography, especially focusing on his childhood years and losing his hair due to illness when he was just 6. He explained that as a child he had struggled with bullying over his image, and wrote to Olympic swimmer Goodhew, who is also bald, for support saying it was not necessary for a man to have hair to be beautiful and masculine. “I kind of became famous in my town as ‘the kid with no hair,’” he joked to presenters Alex Jones and Amol Rajan. “I started wearing a wig at age 11 on the NHS, because I wanted to fit in more easily at secondary school and the wig was so big it was bigger than my head. I arrived at my last day of primary school to try the wig out. On my first day, a kid ran past me, whipped it off and threw it on the ground. But he was right – I didn’t need that wig,” Lucas remembers. “I wrote a letter to Duncan when I was 7 or 8, and he sent me a lovely handwritten letter with some badges and one said ‘bald is beautiful’ which I used to wear. I kept that letter and I’ve never seen him or met him, but it was an incredibly inspirational thing. I don’t think I still have the badge.” And the very same moment his childhood hero entered the studio leaving Lucas struggling to find words.


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