Politician warns gay people will create a country of their own


An ultra-conservative politician in Australia disliked the term ‘gay anthem’ believing that anthem could only be defined as a symbol of the independence of some country or state, and according to this logic, if gays have anthems (and a flag,
by the way), then they are going to create a state of their own. However great it may sound, no, we’re not.

Australia was enveloped in a row last month after leading politicians tried to censor a Macklemore performance of the track Same Love, which includes lyrics about same-sex love and equality rights. But discussions in the media referring to the track as a ‘gay anthem’ have got anti-LGBT politician Fred Nile all confused, as LGBT have not only a flag, but also their own Olympics and their own awards, and from now even their own anthem. Calm down, Mr. Nile, Same Love is not the first, and probably not even the 101st song referred to as a gay anthem, but there is no ‘homosexual citizenship’ you warn us about. Gay anthems, rainbow flags and other symbols of LGBT equality represent quite opposite idea – we are among you, notice us, respect us, don’t separate us from you, we are still your children, siblings, friends, co-workers, and whoever we love, it should not be an obstacle for us to share the space with you. We don’t want separation, we want unity.


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