Transphobic advert irritates Youtube watchers


YouTube allowed a virulently transphobic advert to play before its videos saying that transgender women’s coming out led to men believing that it would be alright to hit a woman and it provoked a lot of violence against women. The video, created by ultra-conservative non-profit Prager University, continues by claiming that pro-LGBT activists made people believe that people are not divided by sex and men don’t differ from women. These progressive elites are trying to force women into ‘male’ pursuits such as having casual sex, joining the army and having a career. And what’s wrong about it? We thought this problem was solved approximately 200 years ago by the first fighters for woman’s rights. And by the way, not all of them were LGBT. It also refers to vague “progressive elites” who, it says, “run our universities, news media, many of our biggest companies, and even our high schools and elementary schools”. Its presenter adds that “the majority of women” secretly don’t want equality in any of these areas.
Prager University, styled as PragerU, is not a university. Instead, it was established by radio talk show host Dennis Prager to spread ultra-conservative viewpoints. The offensive advert has now been removed, but only after complaints in other media.


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