Voting against same-sex marriages could be the same as Brexit for Australia


Data released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that more than half of Australians have already
voted in a postal ballots showing their support to equality. The anti-LGBT Australian Family Association has sent out a rallying call to its supporters, urging them to make Australians vote ‘no’. The group seized on political upsets elsewhere, comparing the decision to the UK’s vote for Brexit and the election of Donald Trump in the US. They claimed that those who voted for equality regretted about it already and sent their papers back. “This is your chance to do a Brexit, a Trump, and confound the political elites by saying, we are not going to accept gender fluid ideology and gender fluid ‘marriage’ being forced on every man, woman and child, whether they are religious of not,” the leaflet reads, again calling same-sex marriages transgender marriages. If they are against marriage equality, they are free to express it in a democratic country. But still why to confuse people with made-up terms?


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