Ellen broke Youtube record which no TV host ever reached before


Ellen DeGeneres has made history among talk show hosts. She has millions of viewers of her show per week and she is one of the most readable and followed people in Facebook and Twitter. And here comes one more record. Her YouTube account has 20 million subscribers and is the 16th most-watched channel overall. No TV host reached 10 billion hit as Ellen did. Although her colleague Jimmy Fallon is just behind her with 7.9 billion views.Other talk-show hosts to have surpassed 1 billion views on YouTube include: James Corden’s The Late Late Show, which has 3.4 billion YouTube views, Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show, which has 2.1 billion views and John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, which has 1.3 billion views. And this is one of the first openly lesbian women on TV, she was humiliated for it and thought to quit. But fortunately she did not do so and we have what we have – 10 billion views!


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