Gay man hit out a senator discussing same-sex marriages


Politicians on ABC’s Q&A panel were grilled by a young gay man during a same-sex marriage debate. The man named Gordon asked why the most ‘vulnerable people of society’ are not protected. Gordon spoke to Nationals senator Matt Canavan saying that the private school he attended was unprivileged and he felt uncomfortable as a young gay man. “I endured slurs on a daily basis, was spat upon by more aggressive bullies and found countless numbers of notes stuck in my locker, decrying me as bringing shame to my family or being riddled with AIDS and telling me that I was wasting my life. I was also told that I was threat to children and that being gay was no better than being a paedophile.” He told the senator that it is wrong that he calls LGBT people too delicate as he has no idea what they go through. “Isn’t the role of leadership to support society’s most vulnerable, rather than kick them while they’re down in hopes of a bit of conservative point scoring?” he asks. Senator Canavan attempted to justify his comments by claiming that, when using the phrase “delicate little flowers”, he was referring to people on both sides of the debate.He was then interrupted by Senator Di Natale, who replied to Canavan’s complaint about being silenced by saying: “Like you did to Westpac when you said Westpac shouldn’t have spoken to their employees advocating for a Yes vote?” “You called it same-sex blackmail,” he added.


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