India has a trans police officer now


Prithika Yashini has made her first step to the dream career as the first transgender police officer of India. She joined Tamil Nadu’s force back in February 2016 and then was a long court battle for her to be recognized by her gender identity at work. She graduated training earlier this year, and on Monday she reported for her first day as a Sub Inspector in the Law and Order unit at Choolaimedu police station saying she overcame many obstacles to be where she is now and it is really a dream coming true and now she serves for society tackling all the forms of bias. “We will not be biased towards her and she will be treated on par with other police personnel. Since there are many transgender people in our jurisdiction, Yashini’s presence will be an advantage,” the station’s inspector told the local press. On the ruling to allow trans people into the force, the judges involved said: “The social impact of such recruitment cannot be lost sight of, as it would give strength to the case of [transgender people]. Yashini must reach the finish line, and not be stopped and disqualified in the middle.”


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