ITV drama Victoria is under fire for a gay kiss


ITV’s ‘Victoria’ is bracing for a potential backlash as the two male characters have kissed for the first time in the show’s history. Lord Alfred Paget and Edward Drummond locked lips in one of the latest episodes where the royal court was on the way to Scotland. Drummond is the Prime Minister Robert Peel’s private secretary and Lord Paget was an equerry and they were probably attracted to one another even though homosexuality was illegal by that time in the UK. The show’s writer Daisy Goodwin has said the kiss is a “creative” moment in the show. But she said that “some people might get very cross with me” about the gay kiss. “But if it did happen, we would never know. The word homosexual did not exist in those times. There were as many gay people as there are now, but they didn’t define themselves as straight or gay or bisexual. Famously [Queen Victoria] didn’t believe there could have been such a thing as lesbians,” she added. But I think Victoria was a lot more tolerant than she was made out to be.”


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