Knowingly exposing people to HIV is not a felony in California

Hiv- Aids

Is is no longer a felony in California to knowingly expose your sexual partners or potential blood recipients to HIV. Senate Bill 239 reduces such a crime from felony to misdemeanor and it has already been signed into law by the Californian governor Jerry Brown. The authors of the bill, Democratic Senator Scott Wiener of San Francisco and Democratic Assemblyman Todd Gloria of San Diego, noted the advances in treatment that have changed the whole meaning of the HIV+ status in modern society. Individuals infected with HIV can nearly eliminate the possibility of transmission if the patient is effectively treated. The change in the law means that it now treats HIV in the same way as it does other communicable diseases and people living with HIV should not be treated as criminals in society. Melissa Goodman, LGBTQ, Gender and Reproductive Justice Project Director with the ACLU of Southern California, also praised the legal initiative.


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