Teen girl brutally murdered by lesbian ex lover


18-year-old student Nadine Esterhuizen was found dead next to a cup of blood in her sister’s kitchen in Western Cape Province in South Africa. The police believe that her former girlfriend who is 20 years old had hacked her and provided a bloody Satanic ritual. The word ‘sorry’ was spelled out on the floor nearby using Nadine’s hair, the victim’s sister said. She also alleged that the killer pretended to be Nadine by using her phone to respond to a series of WhatsApp messages while Nadine was already dead. The suspect has been obsessed on Nadine for a long time and her friends and relatives even applied to the police to forbid 20-year-old Corrine Jackson to get in touch with her, as they believed Jackson to be satanist.Jackson has been charged with murder, and is in custody at a prison hospital after her family insisted she was mentally ill.


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