The man who has beaten a gay person is now going to vote for gay rights


A gay man who was brutally beaten in a homophobic abuse is not satisfied with that fact that his basic rights now depend on his attacker. Josh Smith had his jaw shattered in 12 places after the shocking attack in Sydney a few years ago and Smith was subjected to multiple surgeries to recover. In a letter last week, Mr Smith opened up about the fact that the man who hurt him so much is one of those who is going to decide whether people like him should have a right to marry or not. “These people still get to vote. His opinion on whether or not my community should have equal rights is considered just as valid as mine. He’s going to get this letter, just the same as me. He’s going to tick a box, just like me… and his vote will be counted, just like mine. I’m so angry that we all have to go through this. It’s degrading and it’s dehumanizing,” he told Mail adding that some voices don’t need to be heard as they use the term ‘freedom of speech’ just to offend others.


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