Homophobic clerk Kim Davis goes to Romania to ban same-sex marriages there


Kim Davis, the US clerk who made headlines by refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples now tries top promote her anti-gay views in another country. She has traveled to Romania with the Liberty Counsel, a right-wing Christian law group which is also known for its opposition of LGBT rights. Davis is giving speeches all over the country and holding meetings with high-ranking officials in the Orthodox Church, which is now demanding to re-ban same-sex marriages in the country. The country’s Social Democrats leader Liviu Dragnea is pushing for a referendum after three million people signed a petition calling for the constitution to define marriage as heterosexual. The petition was led by the Coalition for the Family, a group of 30 non-governmental organisations which back anti-LGBT policies to “promote the traditional family”. Currently the Romanian Constitution defines marriage as a union of two spouses (with no gender markers) Along with the hate group, she is also meeting members of Parliament and spreads her anti-gay views via social media.


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