Popular videoblogger surprised the followers coming out as trans


Ellen Stephenson, a 20-year-old creator from Brighton, UK, had gained more than 3,000 subscribers. She realized her trans identity when she was 11 but did not share it with the audience until now. She compared herself to Hannah Montana who had to live double life – Hannah on stage, Miley at home. “I started living my life inside the house as a girl [while still presenting as male to the outside world],” she said, adding that she had no plans to come out to her watchers.She admitted that it wasn’t until last year that she considered coming out understanding that there may be a huge LGBT audience she could inspire with her example. “If I’d had the internet back when I was younger […] it would’ve made a huge difference,” she says. When asked about people’s reactions online to her coming out, Ellen smiled as she spoke about the mostly positive responses she’s had. She added that it feels like there’s “a weight lifted off her shoulders” now that she no longer has to worry about being outed online.


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