Teens arrested for same-sex dancing in Burundi


Police in Burundi have begun a nationwide official hunt for gay people as the country’s government decided to crack down the LGBT population.The move came two days after police arrested seven other LGBT people, including 2 underaged ones. Ban on homosexuality was secretly signed into law in the African country 8 years ago. It is punished by fines and up to 2 years of imprisonment. Jean Daniel Ndikumana, an LGBT rights advocate from Burundi, said he believes police found a video of the men dancing together on Facebook, Gay Star News reports. The activist, who now lives in Belgium, added: “Thankfully, I was able to leave my country because of my sexual orientation, as I was in danger due to my activism.” Burundi, as well as many African countries, is rather conservative to LGBT and it was among those 13 countries of the UN that believed there should be a capital punishment for homosexuality.


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