The first trans senator appointed in Uruguay


Michelle Suarez has become the first senator in the Latin-American country identifying as a transgender woman.
And Suarez, a Communist Party representative, thinks that the representation of the trans community in the government should be compulsory. It would also set up a fund to compensate trans people who were persecuted during the country’s military dictatorship
which took place 40 years ago. Trans people would be able to change their legal identities without having to get approval from a judge under the proposed law.Suarez, who was elected to the country’s legislature in 2014, is really making history in the country.In 2013, she was at the forefront of making same-sex marriage legal in the country, working on the bill which later became the marriage equality law. Speaking to the Associated Press, she said that Uruguay moves forward, but discrimination against trans people still exists and she faced it. Progress for trans people in the political arena has been limited all over the world, but a handful of pioneers have blazed a path.


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