Amanda Holden wants some honorary sex


Being awarded by Attitude magazine as ‘honorary gay’ the woman said in her accepting speech that she could not wait to start having honorary gay sex. “Though I suppose, being an honorary gay is not actually being gay. So honorary gay sex means not actually having sex,” the mother of two who is married to a man for 15 years joked. The Britain’s Got Talent judge as also said she hoped the award meant she would be able to go cottaging and to register on Grindr as ‘honorary gay’. She added that she has not installed Grindr yet but there is still an option. But putting aside jokes, she said she was “honoured and delighted” to receive the award. She wanted to also draw attention to parts of the world that have a long way to go on LGBT rights like Russia or African countries, comparing them to the USA which is rather LGBT-accepting but still bans trans people from military. She called for everyone to stand together and embrace diversity, and pledged to wear her ‘honorary gay badge’ with pride.


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