Man shot for refusing to strip down near the gay bar


A man was shot outside of a gay bar in Midtown Atlanta as a homophobic thug tried to get him naked. He was having fun in a bar with people he just met on Monday night. The 47-year-old attacker approached them as they entered the bar, and continued lurk around them inside and continued to chase them shouting ant-gay slurs when they tried to leave. “He started yelling obscenities, such as ‘Hey, which one is with who? I wanna have sex with one of you guys,” the witness told the local press. After that the thug told he had no place to stay and started demanding money, and as a victim gave him 5 dollars he pulled up a gun. Three of the group fled, and the attacker ordered the remaining two to take clothes off. When one of the men tried to flee, the attacker shot him twice in the back and now he is hospitalized in a critical condition. Yesterday, the police arrested Elijah Payton on suspicion of the attack. He is also a suspect in another Atlanta shooting that took place in September. Payton is in jail charged with both counts of aggravated assault as well as possession of a firearm.


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