New investigation shows intersex children are not treated properly in hospitals


Intersex children are being failed in their treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), according to the investigation provided by by Dr Faye Kirkland for the BBC. It turned out that the staff has never actually discussed whether it is right to provide surgeries aimed to make this children fit the binary gender model. And they also have no idea how top treat these children from the mental and psychological point of view. Additionally, information is not given to parents in a writing, so they can go home and properly absorb it prior to surgery, suggesting a lack of fully informed consent. An NHS England spokesperson said: “Disorders of sexual development (DSD) are rare and complex, but it is right that children and their families should be appropriately involved in decisions about their care.” They promised to influence the situation by appointing the psychologist to the hospital.“The allegations levelled at Great Ormond Street Hospital by the BBC have not been substantiated to us. Moreover, their story focuses around a case study that is 28 years old and the treatment he received is not consistent with today’s practice. We do not do gender reassignment surgery at GOSH and the CQC is not investigating us as a result of these allegations. The story refers to an area of medicine that is complex and constantly evolving, and many of the most complex cases of DSD or intersex are referred to GOSH. We take very seriously any allegations that we are failing in our duty of care to our patients. All procedures carried out at GOSH are within NHS England commissioned services and adhere to relevant guidelines on surgical procedures,” the statement on behalf of the hospital reads.


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